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Central locking remote keys

Jamie D

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I've just bought a Ford Fusion 2 2004 and it only came with 1 key (the one with the blue thing in the top corner) I ordered a replacement central locking door key on ebay and tried to code it the car using the instructions in the owners handbook which goes something like:

"turn the ignition from 2 to 0 four times in 6 seconds, you will then here a chime sound and the  this means the car is in program mode"

the problem is I'm following this instruction perfectly but I'm not getting the chime sound at the end.

does anyone know what's up with it?


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You can buy the cheap keyring fobs off Ebay with the three buttons and program those. I have done that with mine so I have a backup for the remote locking apart from the original key.

If you have turned off audible warnings in the computer settings, you may not get the chime so may need to turn them back on first.

As long as you have the master key, the one with no buttons and the little coloured door in the corner, you can program your own additional keys and remote functions and the details are in the drivers handbook. You will need to have the key blade cut to suit the ignition first though as you need to be able to insert it and turn on the ignition to program it in.

F021 type blur T17 Texas/Crypto 63 is the type of key you need.

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to program the 3 button remote 
1. Switch Ignition On/Off (II/0) 4 times within 6 seconds until a sound is made.
2. Press any button on Remote until a sound is made.
3. To program additional Remotes, repeat after 2 seconds after the sound.
4. Turn Ignition On/Off to exit.
5. A maximum of 4 remotes can be programmed.
i have had 1 before that wouldnt work i just fitted an aftermarket keyless entry
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