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Can SA or auto box be fitted to TDCI?


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Hi folks,


This may sound a stupid question but is it possible to fit either the semi-auto gearbox or the full auto box to a TDCI engine?


Or fit a TDCI engine into a semi-auto fusion?

I'm now disabled but not enough for the DWP to give me Motability. So, as the mark 2 Fusion is my fave car, I'm looking to return to one. 


The he only issue is I must have an auto box and I need good economy as I no longer can work/earn. 


So, any of this possible?


Any help or advice would be great. Thanks



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Generally swapping a manual car to auto or vice versa is not a simple job, different ecu's etc. It can be doable if you have a donor car but generally not worth the time and effort and cost.

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