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Fiesta mk4 fuel pump relay


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Attached below is a picture of the under bonnet fuse box in my x reg zetec fiesta mk4.

Can some kind soul tell me which one is the relay for the fuel pump, or is it somewhere else ?

The fiesta has developed a fault where it refuses to start, engine turns but does not fire.

If left for a few hours it starts first time.

I have been told it may be a dodgy fuel pump relay.

I have changed the coil pack which did not solve the problem.

Thanking you for any help and suggestions.



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Hi, i'd also be grateful if anyone had the guide for the auxiliary fuse box in a Mk5 car (mine is a 2001 51 plate and the fuse box looks just like this).


I am having terrible problems getting the car started as the fuel pump is intermittent in starting. I've ordered a new relay but no idea which one to change.

The diagram in my owner's manual is totally different to the layout presenting itself under my bonnet!


Took me half an hour this morning to start it. No fuel pump noise on first ten or so key turns. Swapped all the relays around and waited a bit and magically it worked but now I potentially have a busted relay working my headlights or something else - what, I don't know, as I can't find the fuse box schema anywhere!!


Helpful of them not to print a key on the fuse box cover unlike every other car I've had!!


If anyone can help that would be amazing. Thanks!








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