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how to stop "artificial inteligence"

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I am being bothered by "artificial intelligence" in my ford cars - it is getting worse with every new version of the car:

1) How to explain my windscreen wipers that I do not wish their "automatic" operation roughly 4-5 seconds after I have finished with washing of the windscreen?

2) how to explain my air condition not to turn on when my ventilation numb is switched into direction of the windscreen?

3) how to explain my rear window defrosting, that there is no need to switch on when the car thinks this is necessary, but to leave the decision to me?

Occasionally I find myself driving with A/C on and rear window heating on - and I did not switch on any of them and I do not need any of them. Some not very inteligent artificial inteligence does it instead of me.

Thanks for help,


(I tried to find a similar topic in the forum but I was not successful - so I hope I am not repeating the questions that were already asked)

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There could be a short in wiring, a fuse relay out etc. It sounds like a diagnostic might be in order.

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1. To be honest I find the swipe of the wipers 4-5 seconds very handy as there is normally some solution still on the windscreen.

2. The air condition comes on because it is a dehumidifier and when you turn to blow air on the windscreen it assumes that you are trying to clear this.

3. My Focus does this when the outside temperature is below a certain point as it assumes that the car could start to steam up. I believe this is to do with my car being a Zetec with the Climate Pack.

I have all what you have but I find it to be very good features that have been added and dont think you have a fault.

Hope this helps.

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