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Pros and cons of owning an ST


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There's gotta be pros and cons to everything so what do you think they are? From my perspective....


Holds value better than standard car

Faster than the standard car

More 'sporty' than the standard car

Choice of often unique colours



Higher cost to buy

More likely to be 'egged on' by boy racer types

Can be uncomfortable with sports suspension 



So far for me the pros far outweigh the cons and I really can't wait for mine to be delivered :yahoo:


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Any ST?  Mk6.5 Fiesta then -


Lack of cruise control
Lack of one touch window control and armrest
4000rpm at motorway speed
It's only 150bhp so my mates make fun of it. :laugh:  And it's not as quick in a straight line as I'd like tbh. 
MPG isn't great, not bad for a 2.0 but not good enough for me to daily it
Tax costs too much
Harsher ride than comfort models


It's good fun
Nippy and holds corners well
Sounds great
Can drive literally everywhere in 5th (yes I realise that's contradicting the 4000rpm con above lol)
Has disc rear brakes!!
Still looks fantastic despite getting on a bit now
Makes me feel young and stupid (I missed out on this phase when I was young lol)
Has stripes
I can make pops from the exhaust :biggrin: 
Turns heads...not sure if it's for the right reasons or not though lol 

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