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Help needed on new automatic car

Howsey bear

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Hi all please can you help me I    recently sold my CMax 2.0 tdci    manual and brought another 
Ford CMax 2.0 tdci but it being a automatic model. 
The problem I am having is I can pull away without any problems most of the time but every now and then when I go to pull away from a stand still or just from a junction etc I seam to be getting a judder from the car on pulling away as if I have got kangaroo fuel in it (sorry about the description but is is the best way of explaining it ) but if I put my foot flat down it will stop juddering But pull away like a  rocket. 

Please can someone help me on how I sort this out as I have never had a automatic before and now being disabled I need a good car and think this is just down to me or is it the cars clutch slipping?? 

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