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Confused by passenger airbag lights


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So, I've had a Fiesta ecoboost (4 door) 1lt since july 15 (from new). It's got just over 2000 on the clock. It's just come back from a service and the passenger airbag light is on. I can't for the life of me remember if it was on before I took it so I'm now wondering if it's a malfunction. I know there's a dial type thing inside the glovebox that you can move to on or off. I've never had a car with airbags before and reading the manual doesn't make it any clearer to me. Are the driver airbags always on because I can't see a light for those? I can attach a pic, is this light on if the airbag is off or on if it's on? Thanks in advance



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That means the passenger airbag is on. It can be turned off if you put a child seat there but the drivers airbag is always on and you can't change it.

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As above, open your glove box & look in the top right, you'll see a switch. Put your key in & turn it & it'll say the airbag is OFF.

Remember to switch it back on whenever you're not carrying a childs car seat


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12 minutes ago, Eazy said:

So this is normal, it's supposed to be on always? 

Yes unless you’ve switched the airbag off, then OFF will be lit up.

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