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Parts help - What is this called?


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I have a 2009 ford fusion 1.6 tdci

I had a leak of aircon refrigerant a couple of days ago and when examining the area noticed that 2 pipes had been rubbing. Would like to replace but no idea what they are for or more importantly called. The pipe is on the drivers side. i think one is for the aircon (got lots of little cracks in it, going to take to a garage to sort) and the other is quite a large diameter (i think its an air pipe)

Also there is a small component that whistles. This is located behind the passenger headlight (pic 3) its a square with 2 hoses and an electrical connection. Anyone know what this is? and should it whistle when the engine is running?

Thanks everyone




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Assuming that the pipe you have labelled as the air con pipe is that, then those cracks are fine I think, mine's the same and the air con works without any problems, including no apparent refrigerant leak. I say assuming as the power steering hoses look similar

The large rubber pipes in your 1st and 3rd pics are part of the air intake setup, they go between the inlet manifold, turbo and intercooler

The device in the 2nd pic is I think part of the engine vacuum system, for things like EGR valve operation and brake servo assistance. The whistling noise could suggest a leak; you could try following the rubber hoses and seeing if all the joints/connections are nice and snug

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