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centrol locking keyless entry and alarm


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can someone help I have a ford fusion 2002 on a 52 plate its a 1.4 petrol,  I am trying to fit an alarm and keyless entry to the car firstly I have got the alarm working and the indicators flash ok when I turn on and of I have wired the blue wire to the internal lighting I can set the alarm ok 2 or 3 minutes later the alarm goes off disconnect the blue wire for the internal lights and everything works fine, the alarm system is telling me to please close the door but the doors are closed and no door open warning signs on the dash,,  the second problem is where to connect the keyless entry wires and I am not sure which ones and what my car is.  is it a positive central locking or negative locking. if it helps the wires I have for the central locking coming from the alarm system is     1 white wire,   1 yellow wire    1 white and black wire   1 yellow and black    please some help as I need to know the best place to wire it and what wires go to what wires on the car,, I do have testing equipment if I need it like a multi-meter and a light test probe

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