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Fusion Key Conversion to Flip


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I have a 2004 Fusion, I want to upgrade the standard 3 button key to a flip key, I have looked on eBay and there are many different types. I have been told I have the ceramic chip Transponder. Is this conversion possible? if so could someone please point me in the right direction to buy a flip key that is reliable. I have both keys with the car, the three button one and the spare key with no buttons on. I would ideally if possible keep both keys as they are, and have a new flip key.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Is your key one of the 'F021 type blur T17 Texas/Crypto 63' tubular blade types?

Can you get flip keys with that blade? If so then you will need to get the blade cut to the correct code first as you need to be able to turn the ignition on to program in the new key chip. If you have the little plastic tag attached to the master key, or know the code it can be done from that sometimes by the eBay seller before despatch leaving you to just add it to the system.

As you have the master key with no buttons, you can do this yourself, details are in the handbook.

You cannot change from a tube type key to a later flat blade type as even if you change the ignition barrel, the process to code in new keys needs the same lock for the whole process although as you say you want to retail all the old keys you aren't doing this.

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