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2010 S-max Titanium - water in drivers footwell


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I have a 2010 s-max titanium for almost 12 months now and it's great. 

It has recently developed a water leak in the drivers footwell! I have hoovered it out and left the heaters on full for 2 hours and it's better, but the strange bit is that there is some sort of fungus now growing from the carpet in small patches!! 

Does anyone have any idea where the leak may be coming from and how to get rid of the fungus?

Are the drivers footwell carpets pieces available to buy separate? 

Can anyone please help or have any ideas?  As I have 5 children, 2 of which are 7 month old twins?!!!! 

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Cheers, I'll check it out and let you know. The only thing against that idea is that there was a lot of water on the floor under the car while I had the heaters on drying it out so I didn't think it would be that, but like you say I'll check it out 

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i would check it out , if you do a search on here you will find a topic where your symptons matched with water coming out underneath at the same time.

will see if i can find it and link from here.

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