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Fiesta Locking Issue


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Hi All,

Rather an annoying problem with '56 1.4 Fiesta Zetec - hopefully someone can give me a bit of help.

A few months ago, someone would get it in my front passenger seat and close the door but my dash would occasionally still say 'passenger door open'. Opening the door and closing it again would solve the problem. Unfortunately this problem has got progressively worse (at one point it must have taken 100 attempts at opening and closing the door before the car was satisfied that it was shut!) Now the car constantly thinks the passenger door is open. I just have 'Passenger Door Open' and a warning light on the dash the whole time.

The problem that this causes is that I cannot lock the car with the fob - when I try and lock it, the car will lock and then instantly unlock. If I try and lock the car with the key, the same thing happens, the car will lock and then force itself to unlock again.

To get around the problem, I've been able to take out the central locking fuse and only then have I been able to lock the car with the key. The problem with that though is that when the fuse is not in, all my indicators go at around triple the speed that they should do. So for any journey longer than a few minutes, I basically have to get in the car, put the fuse in, drive to my destination, pull the fuse out, lock the car manually... rinse and repeat. Annoying. 

I presume the car will fail the MOT with this issue. I have taken it to a garage but they basically said it could be a million and one things and it would just be a process of elimination but that it would be costly as you could end up replacing all the locking mechanisms etc and then all the electrics.

Any suggestions? Thanks

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6 hours ago, leicesterfan said:

have taken it to a garage but they basically said it could be a million and one things

What a loadarubbish.

Does the interior light stay on as well?

80% certain it is the door ajar switch inside the passenger door lock.

If it was wiring, or BCM, then why would opening and closing the door fix it?

I am not sure how easy it is to change or repair these door locks, but it is usually a fairly basic job.

If you are not mechanically minded/experienced, take it to a more sensible garage.


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Thanks for the reply.

Yes the interior light stays on. I've disconnected and WD40'd the connector pins in the door hinge and WD40'd the door lock itself. But that's the extent of it.

I'll try and take it elsewhere. 


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My son has a 2007 zetec s with the same issue and I hate to be a bearer of bad news but there is a micro switch inside the locking mechanism that goes. It means you have to take the door panel off and inner door panel, which means taking window glass off the rails also. (Easy when you know how) .. the wi Dow sits on 2 plastic lugs which you can see through 2 viewing holes when you lower the window and therefore just lift them off the plastic clips. Takes about half an hour once you know how to do it so prepare for hour or more. Hope this helps. If you Google it there is a video how to take it out. 

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