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tdci stevie

focus 2002 1.6 zetec 79k - oily spark plugs

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Right the problem is a friends focus had hunting on idle problems when the engine was warm so done a full service on it other day to find that the spark plugs were oily no 1. plug not too bad but as you went along they got worse no.4 spark plug even oiled the 16mm socket.......?

Any help to what is causing this oil on plugs would be great as im getting a lot of different feed back from rocker cover gasket to head gasket and worn rings.....? Since putting the new plugs in the idle problem has gone but it has only been 2 days of driving...

Its a 1.6 zetec se which has been regualry serviced and has only covered 79,000 miles which i thought aint a great lot....

So any help or ideas welcome.


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What kind of idle problems he has?

What do you mean by “oily”? Are th3ey covered in fresh oil? If so, you need to check the rocker cover seal. If they’re black it either means rich mixture or burning oil (or compression problems).

What year is it? I would start from checking if there was followers gap adjusted as most of Ford’s engines don’t have hydraulic tappets.

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Rocker cover seal, typical problem with the Zetec range.

Simple cheap fix, get new rocker cover gasket, replace, job done.

Ensure you clean out the wells thoroughly and the HT leads, as the leads can easily be affected by the oil...hence causing the faults your friend was getting.

Piggy :)

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Got local garage to do rocker cover and change spark plugs all fine for a little while then the leak was back....

Took it back to garage and they took it back off and put sealant on the gasket and put back togehter....

few months later leaking again so took it back to garage (they said must been faulty gasket Mmmmm) so they replaced the gasket again and put different colour sealant on....

And guess what its leaking again....!!!

My question is what is causing this problem and why...? all of the above work has been done within a year and the car has 80,000 miles and serviced reguarly, and only covered 6,000 miles with these 3 gaskets...

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Found the leak in the end..., hole in the rocker cover its only plastic so silly design have added pic of affected area, hope this will help anyone else in same boat...

post-7883-099438600 1288807301_thumb.jpg

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