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Driving On A Cycle/Pedestrian Path


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Yes, I know it's not legal, and it is dangerous/reckless BUT I did have a wee chuckle at this video :laugh: I'm sure a lot of us have felt like doing the same! 



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The usual moronic cyclists that I see every day.  Absolute ret@rds! 

Not that I'm saying the Vauxhall driver was in the right (lets face it, Vauxhall drivers are never in the right!), but if cyclists can use the road, why can't drivers use the cycle path?  Seems like a fair swap...

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of decent cyclists who do everything they can do let cars past and are polite, but there are also a lot of ignorant ones, and for those I "forget" to change gear and overtake them with the 405 hitting 5,000RPM...  Being an old diesel, I'm sure you can imagine the result.  Unfortunately it doesn't smoke like modern diesels with DPFs, but does chuck out a lot of potent diesel fumes. 

Is it nasty?  Probably.  Is it illegal?  Nope!! :wink:

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Lol, I tend to walk on the cycle paths round here now, means I'm further from the viscous dogs and the people that manage to take up the entire footpath and walk extremely slowly.  Seems a waste to leave it empty, all the cyclists are on the road next to it holding up buses which in turn holds up huge lines of cars.

Their reason for not using the cycle paths is that they cross roads and they'd have to give way to traffic if using them. :rolleyes:

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