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Parking enforcement notice


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My local Halfords have put a single sheet piece of paper up saying anyone parking in their fitting bay will be prosecuted, etc. I didn't even notice it until I got back to the car. I parked there as all the other spaces bar disabled were full.

The regular car park upstairs is owned by the council, but the Halfords section is private afaik

Should I be worried?

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The way I read it the sign is advising that the local council enforces the parking and they are just warning people of such.

If it is intended as a statute parking enforcement sign then it is unenforceable as it does not follow BPA guidelines and legal requirements.

Any ticket issued by a private parking enforcement company would be void.

Anything issued by a council enforcement officer would only be lawful if the whole car park is posted as being under their control.

I think tbh that they have had cases of people parking up, scarpering and being gone for hours.

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If the level for Halfords is confirmed as Halfords own land then it's not enforceable by the council and that is not sufficient to have a valid fine applied independently. However, If the car park is assumed Halfords but still Council owned then the council cam enforce it.

Either way, if you didn't have a ticket on your return your likely fine.

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