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Did anyone else watch the Louis Theroux follow up documentary on Jimmy Savile?


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I found it extremely uncomfortable but utterly compelling viewing.  I liked how it just dealt with the issues (except one, which I mention below) from the candid accounts of the victims, to the fact that not everyone sees him as the monster he truly is, and then the realisation of the host that he too was groomed in one way or another.

My only concern was how it skirted around the whole complacency at the BBC problem. Was this Louis' intention? Was he having his strings pulled by the BBC?

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I've downloaded it but haven't watched it yet.

I've got a bit of backlog on iplayer, of downloaded but as of yet, unwatched programs

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hi, i remember watching the first one so watched this one as well, we all wish for the gift of prophecy and hindsight is a wonderful thing but i felt Louis was looking for forgiveness in some way as well for being hoodwinked, more so from himself i think.
You could see it was playing on him that he missed it, he seemed to be asking himself did he do enough to find what he thought was missing, that underlying doubt in the back of his mind.

I feel if a follow up program was made quite soon after the first then i think  Theroux would probably got through the layers of deceit, but then the BBC probably knew this and stayed clear.

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