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MK2(06 Plate) Failing to start


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Morning all,

My Focus has got a problem since Sunday(when I was made aware) where it wont start, or very rarely sarts. I've uploaded a video on youtube where it fails to even crank over. But yesterday it stated, unexpedidly, drove it round the block and was fine no problems. It also fires up, but the ABS, Engine Management and Exclamtion mark comes up. At first I thought it may have been an electrical problem, but after it fired up, it doesnt seem that way. Any ideas of what the problem could be?


Heres the link to the video:


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16 hours ago, Davie153 said:

Still have the same issue so I ruled the battery out

Focus 2006, immobiliser on, lots of lights on, looks like absolutely classic IC (instrument cluster) problem.

Try tapping (quite firmly) on the facsia around the IC. It may make it better, or worse! Either way it further locates the problem.

Also, if you turn the ignition on & wait, the immobiliser led should change from rapid flashing to a code. One flash, pause, 6 flashes, pause & repeat is flash code 16, and means communications error, also typical of the IC fault.

I had this, and fixed it for free. If you are not up for the dismantling & soldering, places offer to repair it for about £100.

A Ford dealer will charge you about £800 for a new IC.

For a report on my fix read: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=40491

(This also outlines a simple resistance test that can help pin down the fault.)

For a recommended repair company, see:


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