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Maybe it is time for the highways agency to look at safety of drivers from these idiots. Maybe by way of installing a simple archway over the railings to prevent such objects being thrown over the railings In known hot spots.

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We get this a lot off the footbridge that connects Canford Heath estate with Tower Park leisure and retail park, over the A3049, it's goes hand in hand with random acts of arson during the school holidays.

The culprits always vanish into either the estate or the retail park, by the time the police arrive at the scene:sad:

Other councils, have put cages over the footbridges, or put extended mesh catchers (like the anti-suicide nets on buildings), to prevent it happening.  However, Poole Council seem very reluctant to spend money on anything residents actually want or need  We have an extensive collection of street sculptures and the ilk which they do like commissioning: that nobody voted for: but anything that contributes to the safety of the residents, is deemed just too costly

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I have to say Doncaster MBC shares the same sentiments as Poole council with regards to road safety. I was always taught, prevention is better than cure.

Now if  such an object was to hit highways agency or councillors. Then it would be done. strange world we live in.

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