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Like Live Music? Please Sign.


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Apologies if not allowed but as a fan of live music one thing that really gets me wound up is trying to buy tickets for a live event only to find they sold out in minutes but somehow find they are being resold at vastly inflated prices on Stubhub etc :angry: :angry: :angry: 


Please sign and share the hell out of this petition, whether it does any good or not is debatable, but nothing ventured nothing gained. 



P.S Closes at midnight :wink:


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14 hours ago, jmurray01 said:

I've never been to a music concert, and to be honest there aren't many artists left these days that I'd want to see, but I agree with the motion and have signed!

Love going to gigs but obviously living up here it makes things a bit more difficult. Glasgow is about the nearest place we can see decent bands, which means making a wee holiday out of it,  although we have seen Travis in The Ironworks in Inverness, but have also flown to Manchester to see Green Day with our two oldest kids and I also flew there to see Roger Walters perform The Wall. We also took our daughter to Edinburgh to see Bon Jovi and the next day through to Glasgow to see Take That. Seen Green Day 3 times as they're my wife's favourite band. Also seen AC/DC, Whitesnake, Thunder, Good Charlotte, All Time Low, Def Leppard etc etc 


We try and get away a couple of times a year but the airline that services Orkney isn't the most reliable and with there only being one flight a day to Glasgow you have to try and go the day before the gig to make sure you get there......and my wife REALLY doesn't like flying at the best of times! 



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