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Interior door handle not opening door


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Hi all, 

I have a 2007 Ford Fiesta Zetec 3 door which I purchased not too long ago. I was getting out of my car last night when I went to reach for the door handle to exit the car. As I pulled the door handle I heard a rather loud snapping noise and then the door handle went rather loose. I now have to wind down my window and reach for the exterior door handle in order to release myself from the drivers side. 

I have been trying to find somewhere which explains what the issue may be but unfortunately could not find anything so have resulted to typing this post.

Is anyone able to assist with what this could be and how to repair it?




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not had this happen to me but just a thought i had while reading is you could remove the door card and find out if something did snap on the mechanism. just a thought not a solid answer im afraid but you may find it doing this.

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I'd say 100% likely the linkage bar has got unhooked when they were removing the door handle and card & they didn't refit it.

Unlikely the link is actually broken as it's a pretty solid metal rod.

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