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S-Max 2.5T stalling


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Hello All,


1st time posting as iv just inherited my mums old S-Max (2.5T), long story short aux belt snapped & took out the cam belt (all valves hit + pistons in a bad way). So we brought a 2nd hand low millage engine for ~£1300. Now the new engine has been fitted and runs (for a while) smoother than the original engine IMO.

It has the oil filter housing diaphragm that needs to be changed (screeching noise until the dip stick is removed), can also here the air passing by the dip stick while running.

Now the main issue .... it stalls a LOT, if after 2-3 min of running (doesn't matter if its at idle or whatever), the engine starts to loose power and struggle (like starved for fuel or air) until it stops. Its logged the following error codes.


  • P0089 (Fuel pressure regulator performance)
  • P0090 (Fuel pressure regulator control circuit)
  • P0102 (MAF sensor low voltage)
  • P0237 (turbo boost sensor low voltage)


I have all of the old engine bits (that was working fine with no errors logged before the CAM belt fail)


My question is where to start ? iv done quite a lot of DIY work on cars before (rebuilt a rover K series a few times after head gasket issues)


Cheers in advance

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