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Driving behaviour which should be classed as dangerous


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So my commute to work these days is often longer and more annoying than ever before. And it's thanks to a special kind of fist.

Queue jumpers

But not just any queue jumpers, the extra special idiotic and brain dead queues jumpers who think, rather than doing what everyone else does and suffering the same half mile long queue and taking their turn accordingly, they speed up to the junction and then stop dead in the first lane with their indicators on, insisting they are God's gift with special privileges entitling then to force their way into the queue.

This is this mornings idiots. 4 cars all doing it this is why the queue takes as long because of these morons, I cannot tell you how many horns of trucks I have heard because of trucks having to swerve past these brainless bufoons.



That truck in the second image had to swerve and honk at these four morons.

I was sat in the queue handbrake firmly on and out of gear as the traffic wasn't moving. But seriously this behaviour must be classed as wilful obstruction of a highway? I think this behaviour needs clamping down on...

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I agree. There's one in Evesham who does it on the bypass (single carriage way). I have seen him on multiple occasions overtaking queues at times 200ish yards long. 

Another popular spot for queue jumping here is at one of our busier junctions where people (mainly van drivers) will go into the right hand lane (which is clearly marked as right turn only) and force their way into the other lane to go straight on after the traffic lights change. 

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This is the one thing that makes my blood boil if everyone queues you all suffer equally, but one idiot can add a few minutes to the journey.

I tested this once before a colleague was a few hundred yards ahead of me, he was at the front and I was at the rear, the constant flow of idiots diving into the queue meant I had to wait an extra 22 minutes to reach the same junction.... That is a mick take by any standards.

It's the only time I find it hard not to hold my breathe, and not jump out the car and beat the thing with a wheel wrench.

I know it's hard being patient some times, it frustrates me too much, but I would rather a 30 minute wait, than gamble like these idiots and have a semi wipe me out

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