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condensation in head light


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Sounds like a worn/damaged seal or a small crack somewhere.

In most cases it is advisable to replace the unit as once the condensation is in it's a beggar to get rid of.

You could try a hairdryer on low power into the unit for a short term fix.

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18 hours ago, nobby284 said:

Thank you looks the other half's hair dryer is going to go missing

The hairdryer will condense the moisture but it will return to liquid again when cooled down.

so I recommend fitting a small desiccant bag in there attach it to a piece of thread it will look much like a tea bag; for easy recovery.

plenty available on eBay just be sure to obtain a small enough one to fit inside

the Silica Gel crystals inside the bag will trap the moisture inside its crystals much like a vacuum, 

Replace every two weeks until moisture has completely dissipated.

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