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Car best sellers,still top but a few new names in the list.


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23 minutes ago, AlexBartlam said:

nice, fiesta FTW, nice to see the corsa all the way down there  

Lol i had a nice drink when i seen how low the corsa went,so much for the ''NEW corsa to try and knock us off'' Keep trying.

Been a bit of a swap around on the list,VW started to come more into it now with the golf and a bit lower the polo.

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1 hour ago, Ken.K said:

Think UK. Doubt Astra will sell worldwide

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Lol,weird as this is second so some people must like the Astra over the Focus.

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Not surprised the current Astra is so high up. If we all take off our Ford tinted glasses most would accept its a better car than the current Focus.  Great to see the Fiesta topping the list.  Its only the 4th best in Ireland.  

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Sports models aside, the current Focus is too expensive for what it is tbh, not at all surprised to see the Golf and A3 so high on the list considering the fairly small price difference for a lot more refinement and imo they look better too.  I wouldn't have a new Astra but Vaux do better deals on them and give you more PX money than Ford, so it's not hard to see why people do go for them.  I don't really like the new Astra or Focus over a Mk2.5 Focus in terms of looks, Mk2.5 looked far better than either of them tbh, I just can't get on with the Mk3 rear end after the nice wide, boxy rear on the 2.5.  I'm not sure what the Focus' USP is anymore?  If you want a Ford, the Fiesta is the better car, it's just a shame about the ride and boot space...

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Tom you are so right on this as i have drove the new corsa and new astra when my car was in for service (vauxhall and ford dealer) the last twice and have to say the Astra is so quiet to drive,yes ok its vauxhall and so on but i speak for the means i need and my old 09 corsa was very bad in all ways,there seem to be a lot of foreign cars pop up around my area and also on this list,i do like the new Golf and polo in the new 1.4 as i have been in both but not drove as 2 people have had them round here on a 16 place,the golf is quick being only the 1.4,think it the new r-line TSi and 148bhp but the built is top class inside but a bad price.

Its always been a close battle with the Astra/Focus in the list but Fiesta always seem to hold its own on top with not any a lot closer to it.

I think a lot as well goes down to the price and what you get for it but these VW../..Nissan Etc seem to be creeping into or close to the top 5.

Cant say im to struck on the mini and hate the dashboard.


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