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how expensive


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is christmas i didn't leave the house today and before 09.00am  i spent nearly £1500 on ps4 vr headsets/cameras etc electric scooters and a load of other stuff , good god when i was a kid i got a raleigh grifter and an action man with GRIPPING HANDS AND EAGLE EYES :eek:  and i thought it was the mutts nutts  , how much have you spent (wasted)


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We have spent a whopping £100! Our baby is only 8 months old so we are buying stuff all the time anyway as shes developing. Every year moving forward will be a different story though and as an only child she will get a bit spoilt.:smile:

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As they get older the presents get smaller but far more expensive. Then there's the other costs like helping them with the first car and in my daughters case I still pay for her vocal lessons (she's a singer).

This year she wanted a load of recording gear so she could record her own music videos. That's everything from a Studio Mike to a quality camera. I hope it starts to pay back one day soon.

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I have three kids; two girls and a boy 

Ive spent €510 each on Santa presents this Christmas total €1530 

I'm happy with doing it as there's only a few years of Santa and they don't get any toys mid year except for there birthdays.

They look after there toys and I encourage them to donate some of there old toys to the local charity shop every November after they send there letters to Santa we go through the toys together and they help deliver to charity shop with me.

This makes space for the new stuff and i tell them Santa will bring an extra gift to reward you for helping others whom may not be as fortunate as they are themselves.

this year I know it was toubh for them but they polished up and donated there bicycles in November as they had outgrown the size of them.

They already have Razor e200 electric scooters which are now going strong for two years with great range on the battery.

They asked Santa for few things off Santa; dolls buggy and an ice cream truck which I got them first then spent the rest of there individual budgets as wisely as possible on each of there personal tastes, 

Went to Halfords and got them a bicycle each saved over €100 using fordowners discount card which went back in to there budgets 

Went to Argos got two amazon fire HD tablets for €200 as I purchased them in two separate orders while argos are giving back €10 voucher for every €100 spent in store so saved €20 on the tablets which went back in to there funds aswell, getting them maximum bang for buck on everything possible.

young lad then got a ride on tractor & trailor for €50 reduced from €80 few toy power tools and farm equipment.

there completely unaware there getting bikes or tablets so it's gonna be great they just asked for doll & buggy other asked for ice cream truck and doll.

there good kids my best friends and the reason I work hard, I rarely drink don't smoke or socialise outside of the home, we won't be going out anywhere over Christmas just spending time with them and there toys, so weighing it all up I'm probably not spending as much as I would if; i was doing Santa and socialising across Christmas and new years aswell.


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On 26/11/2016 at 8:01 PM, dezwez said:

6 grand kids cost a arm and leg:smile:

On 26/11/2016 at 8:09 PM, WES180 said:

Youve spent 6 grand? :whistling:

On 26/11/2016 at 8:12 PM, dezwez said:

i  wish grand children  

I read it that way too:unsure:

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