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Milltek "Catback"


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Hello, I've recently purchased a milltek exhaust, and from what has arrived in the box it is the back box and a centre pipe with a connector, I figured as I ordered a "catback" it may have came with the front silencer, however it hasn't. Will this make any difference in noise as I purchased a non-resonated exhaust but I always thought it was the silencer. 

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You got  exactly what you ordered a non resonated exhaust has no mid box like your original OEM exhaust had.It will be a little noisier than the OEM. The silencer is only the back Box now with your new CAT back system. If you had ordered a resonated system you would have got the middle box too. Does it make a difference yes a little in performance works better stil with other MODS like cool air intake pipes and filter and remap.

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4 hours ago, Gaskell71 said:

Don't think it should after all a "CatBack" system is to replace everything after the Catalysts and backwards.

Hello mate, cheers for the reply. I'm aware a catback replaces from the cat downwards, but shouldn't it come with a front silencer too as it is after the cat and wasn't included in the catback package or at least a blanking pipe or something?


thanks again 

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If you ordered a resonated cat back system it would have come with a front silencer known as a resonator. If you ordered a non-resonated cat back system it won't. 

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