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High Idle 2K rpm on MK6 1.6L Duratec , even after cleaning Throttle body , advice?


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Hi People 

I have the Fiesta 1.6 MK6 Engine in a Ford Fusion 03 . The car Idle always had a fluctuating Idle since I got car earlier this  year , the car was purchased with around 50K miles on  in March this  year; the car is  2003 Fusion 2 model  . It had got progressively earlier last month, the Idle suddenly started hitting 2000 RPMS on the colder days , recently it has got worse with  the needle now  resting quite consistently at  2200 RPM  . It seems ok when I put the car in gear and start driving but, it has become very irritating when in traffic . Strangely I can counteract the High revs by using the AC and heaters which drops the idle to around 15000 RPM . Strangley there has been no engine light or codes to give me a better clue 

This is the first Ford Car I have had and is otherwise a good car  . I have been researching causes of this and just wondered if anyone could chime in here or share your experiences :

Air intake/Vacum Leak - THought to be most common cause of high idle but, not sure where excatly this could occur or on  on which pipes ,there are  pipes everywhere, so would like to narrow it down if possible 

T-MAP Dirty- I am getting some flexidrive tools tomorrow and will remove and clean to see if makes difference , though this is usually thought to make the car revs die down . 

I had managed to clean the throttle body , it was slightly dirty but ,this did not make any change .  If anyone could share their knowlege here it would be much appreciated . IT is getting cold here and might have to start using my Pocket rocket instead :unsure:

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on my 2001 focus 1600 which I think is same engine I had same problem and it was a split in a rubber air pipe under the inlet manifold. I no longer have the car. if I remember the inlet manifold is on the front of the engine. beneath the plastic branches of the inlet manifold is a rubber airpipe. I managed to get it off, wrap loads of insulation tape round it and get it back on without dismantling anything else. it was very difficult though as access to it is poor.

Please note that the above relies on your engine being the same one and my memory

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Yeah you were spot on ,  funnily I found the pipe just  before reading your reply but you were right 

inlet tube 1.png


As shown , looks like it has been stabbed , strange 

inlet pipe 2.jpg


So I will probably wrap this pipe with some Silicon Fusing  tape , as  I I cannot immediately  find this size tube 


inlet pipe 3.jpg





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