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How cheeky can I be with my haggle on a cash purchase?

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I'm back after a few months of inactivity to ask some more idiotic questions, I have my beady eye on a 14 plate fiesta st3 mp215, it's listed at 12,459 pennies, I'm looking to pay cash or atleast in total on the day, how cheeky do you reckon I could get away with being on this I'm out of the loop really on what these things are going for these days, it's done 21k.

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It really depends on how much "front" you've got and the confidence to carry it off

One of my mates has a phenomenal amount and I've never seem him pay the asking price for anything, not just cars, everything, including in regular retail shops and ; much to the embarrassment of his wife and kids.  He always say if you don't try it on, you'll never get anything off.

With cars, I've seen him start his negotiations at around 40% below the asking price and if need be, negotiate upwards in 0.1% steps, if he needs to. He's consistently  got the salesman to agree to around 30% off for cash, often after quite lengthy negotiations, and then persuades them to throw all manner of extras in (full tank of fuel, full set of new tyres, free 12 month service, 12 month RAC cover  etc). 

I'm sure the dealers are making a loss selling him a car, but he has the "front" and it works for him




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My Grandfather in law recently wanted a Nissan Juke from a local dealer (located in Abergele if anyone knows the one) - anyhoo, he went there, looked the dealer straight in the face and asked what discount would he give if he paid cash- there was no difference, they just didn't care whether it was cash or card. "not like the old days" the dealer said - everything has to be declared. My Grandfather in Law tried to work the dealer (managed to bag free servicing, new mats, warranty cover, tyres, gear knob as it was flaking) but nothing was happening on the actual price. He walked away.

Now, it may be different from dealer to dealer and current situation, but for us, there wasn't any gain to be had from paying cash on that day.

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you'll get more scope for discount with a private / independant trader than a dealership in my experience.

sadly cash sales dont have much bargining power at dealerships these days as they make more profit on finance and other purchasing packages.

time of year you buy also greatly effects what deal you can get.

but be brave and start low - they can only say no and no-one will be offended as salesmen are pretty thick skinned.:-)

i didnt get a single penny off my estate when i bought it from a main dealer for cash , but it was priced very keenly , a good £500 lower than any other similar car for sale on auto trader so i can hardly blame them for standing their ground.

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I have tried it out in a few places now, and as mentioned above the dealers don't seem that interested until you start telling them about matey down the road who's selling one for xx price cheaper then they stand up and get involved, cheers for the responses.

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On 06/01/2017 at 3:55 PM, GMX said:

I was in used sales with Evans Halshaw for nearly 10 years and I can say that no dealer will sell at a loss unless they are desperate to get rid of a car. Any dealer worth their salt will keep these cars to an absolute minimum (with approx 120 cars at the dealership, we had maybe 1 a month). If it's a good car, they'll only sell it at a rate that they are happy with.





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I always try to get 10% of the sticker price, and usually get it,. I was told salepeople work on monthly figures, so its best to buy nearer the end of the month, cos they might be more desprate for a sale then, not sure how true that is tho?

Its always worth doing your research, showing other similar cars, same year, same mileage, etc  at similar or lower prices, eBay, auto trader, etc. they can't really argue with that...

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