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Fiesta ST tapping/ticking at idle


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Hi Guys,

I've got an issue with my Fiesta ST 16 plate where there is a tapping/ticking noise at idle but only when the engine is hot (see video). I've took a couple of months ago to a dealer and they say it is an issue and they have reported it but there was no fix. I've done some research and seen that a oil change to a different spec was a fix, i went back to the dealer with this info and they said that fix has now been withdrawn and there currently isn't one but being investigated. I was wondering whether anyone else has had this issue and what fixes have been done, and what the cause might be. Not sure what to do next as the noise doesn't seem to be getting any better! Any suggestions will be great! Thanks all 


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There's a guy on my street with an ST that sounds like that. Think it's about 2 years old but he drives it like an idiot, bouncing it off the rev limiter from a cold start and generally driving like a lunatic. No mechanical sympathy whatsoever.

Hope you  have been treating yours with more respect and it's just an unlucky occurence.

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