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1.4 petrol Won't start


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I have a 2004 fusion 1.4 petrol, 62,000 miles, cambelt & water pump done 4 weeks ago.

Was driving an had a tapping noise from the engine, next day car will turn over but won't start!

checked timing and all ok, tensioner fine, getting spark, compression and fuel to rail, but when turning the engine by hand there is a loud 'clunk' at the same point on every revolution of the crank.

any ideas?




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Ah does not sound good take off cam over and turn engine over find out we're the clunk comes from it is just possible cam belt has jumped a tooth or two and causing foul up go back to basics and check valve timing reset and turn over if clunk is still there could be a big problem  be a valve problem bent stem or sticking  either is not Good  and wil take major work head off.  I would be inclined to take back to were you had job done and get it rechecked by them to check it could well be a head off job yuk sorry.  I have a friend who had a similer problem turned out to be head gasket leaking cooling water into cylinder causing a hydraulic lock. Hope you get it sorted.


Regards jim 

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Thanks Jim,

i took the cam cover off but can't pinpoint the noise, it is coming from left hand side of engine next to cambelt but can't tell if it's comin from top or bottom.

Have used the ford timing tools are everything lined up, is it possible to still all line up if it is or a tooth or two out? 

It has good compression on all cylinders too, would have thought a valve problem would mean loss of compression? 

Funnily enough I'm a mechanic at the place I had it done haha but only recently qualified so this sort of thing is still over my head! :( 

one of the mechanics has suggested draining the oil to check for metal filings incase the big end bearing shells have failed, will do this but I wouldn't have though that could cause the engine to crank but not start? 



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