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CV Joint spline confusion


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I just had my 2007 Fiesta MoT and it had advisories on a CV joint. A mechanic friend of mine said he'll fit it if I got one so I went on eBay and ordered one which, according to the model specified in their database, is compatible with my car and I ordered one. It said it was 25 x 23 splines. Well, without taking the old one off and counting, I haven't found a way of checking this despite searching everywhere. Anyway, whilst I was waiting looked at the ones I didn't order and noticed that they have different numbers of splines (25 x 21 and 25 x 20) despite all saying that they are compatible with my car.

I got the impression from an ealier bit of searching that just about all Fiesta CV joints post 1998 were the same but now I'm confused and anticipating the wrong one arriving. Can anybody shed any light, please?

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