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Playing with my Christmas presents


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Had the new Lance out today from AutoBrite with their Magifoam HD snowfoam.

I've used mine and the Mrs' cars for the test bench today - neither have been washed since September and haven't been today, but saying that, they aren't as dirty as they could be. Road salt has been down to a minimum this Christmas and we've both visit Tesco from time to time for a quick power spray (NO brush!!) just to keep the crud off as long as possible.

The foam Lance is brutal, very sturdy construction and covered both cars 3 times each on the thickest setting. I found that the first coat stuck on like marshmallow and stood for 10 mins before needing a fresh coat, but each coat didn't last as long as the other...maybe less crud to stick to? Either way, it has left the cars looking much better even with the dirt still on there. The paint looks rejuvenated and fresh - cannot wait to give this a proper go in the next couple of months when the get a proper clean and shine.

word of advice, don't do two cars at once especially in the warm and sunshine, this stuff sticks like crazy and needs a lot of water to remove properly!

The first picture is the car on Friday to give an example of its cleaning ability without a touch wash.

Photo 23-12-2016, 15 35 21 (1).jpg

Photo 26-12-2016, 14 11 16.jpg

Photo 26-12-2016, 14 53 00.jpg



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Lovely! Wish I had a drive to be able to do this... I just end up taking it down the Shell garage and using the jet wash thing there. Sometimes when she needs a proper clean I get the old bucket and diamondbrite out, but a sponge just doesnt quite feel as good as firing a lance of water at it! 

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