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Knocking and squeak, ARB bushes?


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Hi guys,

I've had my 2011 ZS TDCi for a few weeks, and the whole time it's had a hollow 'knocking' and a squeak from the nearside front suspension. I gave things a rudimentary push/pull and visual inspection when I re-affixed the loose arch liner, which revealed nothing. I booked it into my local Ford specialist (who other people have used and trust), and they can't find any obvious play in anything either. However, they have said there's a 'service bulletin' for uprated anti-roll bar bushes. They seem to think this will only cure the squeak, and the knock could be a failure inside the shock unit, which would only be evident through taking it off and inspecting. It seems pretty common that an ARB bush causes a knocking noise, though. Also, it's been doing it constantly since I've owned it, but the first time I drive it in the freezing cold to take it to the garage, it stops - the squeak continued though. 

So, are both noises likely to be symptoms of the bushes, or do we have any other thoughts? I know it's in the garage at the moment, but I'd like to be as prepared as possible for it to either need further inspection, or possibly be fixed! Thanks very much.

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Does the knocking noise happen when you are reversing with the steering on right or left lock? My front suspension does sometimes creek when going over sharp short speed bumps. I have a 65 reg Fiesta Zetec S and ford are refusing to fix the issue unless I provide video evidence. 

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