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Mk7 Fiesta - 5 door sideskirts


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Hey, I'm new to the forum, sorry if I've put this in the wrong place.

I have a 59 plate (pre-facelift) 5 door zetec in panther black and need new bumpers. I can't decide if I should get standard bumpers or bumpers from a zetec s/St/black edition. I can't find many options for 5 door side skirts except going straight to ford or ordering from Poland/Germany. Either way i'd need to get them sprayed so would need to spend quite a bit. What's peoples opinions on upgrading the bumpers without side skirts? Are there any pics of 5 doors with the upgraded bumpers without sideskirts? Is it obvious the side skirts are missing? or are there any other options for side skirts?

Thanks for the help.

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Im probably best person to answer this question and its not good lol 
Well 3 door wont fit because it would block the rear doors of the 5door and 5 door sideskirts are the hardest thing to find its like looking for chicken teeth! 
For me i was VERY VERY LUCKY and found a breaker with 5door sideskirts and got them still needed painting anyway but got them! alot cheaper than going to ford but ford is 300 if i remember and this is before painting its not cheap and sorry to say its the way it is but 5 door sideskirts started after 2012 (62 plate) on 5 door FL models but because they were a optional extra are hard to find but look around breakers and eBay etc to see if you see a set if you really want them you might need to bite the bullet and get them from ford like i was gonna do but alot of people with 5 door find it a struggle to get them so they tend to just stick a Zs or a new rear bumper on and leave it at that or do front and back and leave sideskirts but in my opinion keep yer eyes out and might see a deal here is pics of my car before and after :) 

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