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Fiesta MK7 key change


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I've recently bought two new keys for my fiesta (not official ford keys) as i prefer flip up keys to the standard ford key.

One of the keys i've bought has no internals and is designed so that the internals of my original key fits straight into it so the key only needs to be cut.

If i had the key cut and switched the internals with my origional key, would i need to have it coded in any way or would there be no issues with the immobiliser?

The second key i bought has internals but needs to be cut and coded to work with my car, would i be able to do the coding myself or would that require me having both original keys for my car? (I only have one) 

also what would you expect the cost of having a key cut ans coded be? Would it be cheaper or possible to do using a diagnostics tool?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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