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Rear Parking Sensors


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After deciding I would like to add rear parking sensors, I did some research and chose the Vodafone (previously Cobra) 'Park Master' R0394 system, as the reviews were really positive and I wanted a flush/colour-coded OEM-look. Now that they have arrived and I've looked over the instructions, erm...I think fitting them may be beyond me! Has anyone tried fitting similar themselves, or know of anywhere in the North East I could go and pay for them to be fitted?


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It's not as daunting as it looks...honest lol

Pop off your rear bumper, and mark out where you want the sensors.  There might even be marks there already! 

Drill through and clean up the holes then reattach the bumper.

There should be a rubber grommet under the back end somewhere - feed through the wires for the sensors through the bumper holes then through the grommet 

For the control box you need access to the rear lights.  Tap into the reverse light wire (positive) and also the nearest earth point. 

Plug in the wires to the box and make sure that the sensors are all properly inserted and yer done!

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