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MK6 Fiesta Facelift Freedom Biting point very high.


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Hi Guys,

Just joined the site basically my problem is that my Fiesta MK6 facelift Freedom the clutch biting point feels very high almost at the top of the pedal but appears to be going into gear OK (Sometimes 1st Gear is a little stiff) and doesn't appear to be slipping although does sometimes squeak if you lift clutch up too fast (Has done this since I got the car) Presumably I need a new clutch at some point? If so how much (roughly) is it for a new clutch?

Thx in advance!

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Hello and welcome to the forum,

I think it would be best to try a few places around your area for a quote; replacing a clutch and cylinders can be costly. I think you're looking somewhere around £410.

All the best.

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also depends how much you have replaced. you might get away with just replacing the centre plate with the linings on, but everyone will tell you that is a false economy as the amount of work involved in dismantling again if the other parts go is a lot.

over the years I have done a few where I only replaced one part but one time I did that I found shortly after that the release bearing was getting noisy so regretted not doing that part at the same time.

High biting point would not cause trouble with gear changes, it is the opposite - low biting point

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