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Fiesta Ecoboost (100) - Noise when changing down gears

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Hello Folks,

After much grumbling over that 1.25 I purchased in 2015, finally stumped up and got an Ecoboost (100) Zetec in September. Takes to the dual carriageways like a duck to water and returning a respectable 45MPG even with a good caning being 25 minutes late for work after being stuck in a big tailback due to an RTC as well as a few stop / starts when using my VIP pipe on my break if it's cold or p***ing down (can't use them on site even in own car :( ).

Basically, I've noticed recently that when changing down (I do rev/gear match by the way), the car is making a bit of a fan / hoover type noise when changing down. The car currently has just over 1600 on the clock. I'm, just wondering whether or not it could be an issue with the gearbox or just a general noise from perhaps the turbocharger? How long would you recommend to give before giving the dealer a look at it?



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The engine does sing a bit more than some turbo engines, definitely more than your 1.25 would have.

You could always ask your local garage to test drive their demo and see if it's the same to put your mind at ease.

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