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This is my first post here and I'm looking for some help. I have a 2008 1.8TDCI titanium with 88k on the clock.

Last week my car totally cut out as if it had been stalled whistle driving slowly. Its started up straight away, since then the MPG not been working properly. Also the same day my ABS light flashed on and my speedo when stupid and whizzed round, a few hours later I got a warning on my dash saying power steering malfunction. The car was running fine tho. Turned it off and cleared the lights no problem.

It has driven fine since then except the MPG continues to go up and up when driving and then when on tick-over it starts to come down at around 0.1 per 2 seconds.

Today when i arrived at work and turned the car off, the keys were still in the ignition and all the lights on the dash were flashing, the interior light made a noise before the whole thing just went dead. I wasn't able to lock the car and it wouldn't re-start. I did notice the other day the clock had lost around 10 mins when i came out from work and thought nothing of it.

After about 15 mins thing morning the car re-started fine. The it did the same again when I took the keys out, again left it and again it re-started, I've just been out (hours later) and it's fine.

Can anyone give any advise as to what they think it may be. Could it be the cluster or does it sound like something else?

I've had the car 2 years and not had any issues with it as such. In November it was leaking antifreeze as there was a crack in the main unit, sorry cant remember what it was called but it was a little black thing. Could this have caused some damage anywhere, also the starter was replaced about 12 months ago.

Thank you!!



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I would start with the obvious,

 Get the battery tested to see if it needs replacing.

 Get alternator tested to see if its putting out enough to charge the battery.

 Then get it to someone who can get car diagnostics on to it.

 I would also get the egr valve looked at to make sure its not bunged up.

I can't add any more info as the diagnostics should point you in the right direction.


Hope it gets sorted soon

Regards Adam. 

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Hi , I have a 1.8 2008TDCI titanium that's developed a fault with electrics . Got no indicators , heated front & rear screens , frost light on , handbrake light on and no temperature readings displayed . Any help would be appreciated ☺️

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You either have very low battery voltage or your instrument cluster is suffering from 'Tree Huger' a very common problem on models of 2008.

The Solder on the back and inside of the IC is starting to crack (they used lead free to save the planet) and you have high resistant connections. There are many companies on eBay that offer a repair/refurbishment of you IC for £50 to £70


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I think that’s the exact problem my brother had which was cured by reseating the connectors underneath the bcm. The bcm is under the glovebox. The connectors on the underneath can get kicked by passengers feet. On my brothers car the indicators did work outside but not the tell tale lights on dash . And no indicator click sound from the speaker built into dash.  The other things you mention were the same.  But the electrics on these cars are very complicated using canbus - which is computer data transmitted via two canbus wires. The stuff you mention on the dash which is not working right is controlled by signals down those two wires. (Responding to Jeff Woolley post)

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Continued: it is common to find corrosion in the bcm connectors. The bcm under glove box looks like a fuse box but it’s much more than that. It’s got a computer inside it (circuit board with computer chips on )

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