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Rubbish headlights


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So I have a 53 reg Fusion 2 1.4tdci and overall its a nice car but one thing that disappoints me is the headlights. They're really cloudy and yellowed. I tried the ol' baking soda and toothpaste method to clear it up, which worked a bit but they've just gone back to cloudy and yellow. Also the bulbs really aren't that bright either. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas that would clear them up and get them looking new or even any cheap replacements. Also some suggestions for some bulbs would be great too. I did get a pair of cleaner headlights from a scrap fusion auto which were better but when I put them in I noticed the left one started making a sort of clicking noise so I put the old one back in, so now my OCD is kicking in because one headlight is noticeably dirtier than the other. Anyways, like I said any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.

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It's UV light from the sun that degrades the outer surface of the polycarbonate lenses. You may feel it rough to touch. You can use progressively finer grades of wet and dry sandpaper to remove the degraded plastic to restore it to smooth and shiny :smile: Seal them afterwards to prevent the same happening again

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