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Noise coming from belt area on 2009 fiesta


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Hi all, ive had an issue with my fiesta 2009 titanium automatic. whenever it is cold i always seem to get a really annoying and embarrassing noise coming from the belt are under the bonnet.

start car up in morning.. nothing for about 10 seconds, then it starts put the car in N and it goes faint, put it in D and if i dont have at the revs at around 1500-2000 its really loud. Can drive the car for about 10 mins and you cannot hear it again until the car gets cold.

anybody know what it could be?

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no idea. i assume you mean around the alternator drive belt.

i would remove the alternator drive belt. start car, has noise disappeared? 

with engine NOT running spin the pulleys by hand, do any feel rough, have play on them, make strange noises.

my wife's focus made strange noises. i could not work out what it was (but I never tried what i suggested above) and then 100 miles from home the alternator drive belt came off because the tensioner pulley had melted - i think from siezed bearing. this mk1 focus has water pump driven by same belt so could not drive without overheating and it was getting dark so battery would have gone flat.  power steering not working either although that was the least of the problems. had to resort to RAC to bring me home- lucky we ere members.

anyway, moral of story, don't give up trying to find what's wrong in case it lets you down with a failure a long way from home


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Could be a 'dry' alternator belt. Easy test is start the car when cold (listen to the noise) and drip a little water onto the belt. If the noise vanishes then you need a new belt.

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Thanks guys, The RAC man told me about a candle wax trick for testing dry belt.. (god that sounds painful)... didn't work... got it going into a garage on Monday night for them to start it up cold Tuesday morning...

its strange how it only make a noise loud enough for it to be noticed when the outside temp it below 6 degrees.

will keep you posted..

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