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fiesta st180 p1336 code


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just wondering if you guys would be able to help, i own a 2014 fiesta st180 now running the mountune mr265 kit, recently ive had an issue were the car struggles with power. its tempremental but when it has the fault u can pull away from a junction it will boost fine 80% of the time but the other times it will boost then it will cut out the boost folowed by a backfire, now i plugged my mtune handset in and when the cars not running it shows no faults. 

but when the car is running it gives me the code P1336 CKP (pos) cog . from looking i presume this is the crankshaft position sensor, is this something that is a straight swap or is it something that needs programing, 

p.s all hoses have been checked and all clamps are tight so its not a boost leak and the recirc valve is funtioning properly aswell 


anyhelp is greatly appreciated 



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It should just be a straight swap as it is a fairly simple sensor. They can, and do, go bad - particularly when hot. Given they are a primary input for ignition timing this would explain the backfires due to misfiring.

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