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Upgrade factory speakers fiesta MK7.5


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Hi to all,

Well i want to gradually upgrade the audio system on my car, first by replacing the factory Speakers with new ones and i need some advise.

Iv'e been searching for a wile for a good post that will describe the possible models of the Speakers and a guide on how to actually swap them.

What Iv'e been able to find out is that there is a need for a special bracket (homemade or bought) to fit the front 6.5" Speakers, or to modify the existing one.

Anyway, i have a couple of questions:

1) Can i find the correct mounting bracket for the front speakers on eBay, aliexpress or any other trading site with international shipping? (i found a bracket only as part of a full kit, speakers and all, in a store without international shipping)

2) Can someone suggest a good component speakers that can run from the head unit (until i get an amp) that are suited for the car and are in the price range of 100-150 pounds? and what spacer/bracket height i need for them?

3) What do you think about those speakers  Infinity Kappa 60.11CS, found those in a related post on some forum but after googling them on one of the suppliers sites they were marked as incompatible with the car.



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Have you seen these on eBay?

Item number 23170830182



Vehicle Model.    Fiesta
     Year From: 2008
     Year To: 2015

Ford Speaker Adapter 
Note: Front and rear doors. 165mm 

Features & benefits
Allows the installation of standard size aftermarket Speakers when replacing the OEM Speakers

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Well I'm no audiophile either, but i like good quality sound at relevantly high volume and i blew my front speakers :whistling1:.

But i agree, for daily use the original 6 speaker system is quite good.

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