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Scuffed edge black alloy


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Hey guys just after a bit of help!

I have scuffed the edge of one of my 17" gloss black alloy wheels for my Fiesta Red Edition by accidentally colliding with what I thought was a smaller curb than expected. I have gone to my Trust Ford dealership for some advice/help but they said they don't know anywhere that would repair them since they're gloss black and have told me to ring around various other larger local Trust Ford dealerships but I'm having no luck... I'm yet to hear back from my current dealership after a week of being told to leave it when them!

I have browsed online to see if I could find a brand new 17" gloss black alloy wheel but all I have found is ones with damage the same as mine or they aren't in gloss black.

I'm actually trying to keep the car's value up as much as possible by looking after it, cleaning it out every so often/washing it because I'll be wanting to sell it soon and having one of the alloys damaged would probably knock it down a bit if I'm correct?

Does anybody know where I could get a brand new alloy or if this is possible to be fixed and look brand new again(please ignore the dirt around the wheel, it just needs a wash)?





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Like flogger said, Do a search on alloy wheel repairers, there will be someone around your area who will be able to repair it.

I had a lexus IS200 when they 1st came out and ended up curbing a wheel a lot worse than yours, it was an dark grey metallic and lexus wanted £400 for a new one, the bodyshop across the road repaired & painted it for £50.

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On 2/11/2017 at 4:50 PM, Russ said:

Had all 4 of mine dressed/painted locally (2 of them badly kerbed when I bought the car) the cost for all 4 was just over £100

Where did you get that done? West Lothian i see in your bio? Thats near me

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All four of mine are scuffed. Mixture of me and the missus parking badly. I just touch them up and will get all four done when it is time to move the car on. Would be gutting to get them sorted and then knacker one again. The scuffs are not too noticeable having been painted over.

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i sucffed mine on a kurb the week i had it not done it since haha. mine are gloss black too so i bought some black spray paint and touched them up. a place near me quoted £60 for one wheel refurbish and paint. not gone through with it through will be in a few months.

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