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Evening all,

The front tyres on my 2013 Fiesta Ecoboost are up for a change soon, about 0.5mm off the wear markers when I checked this morning, so I'm looking around for some new ones. It's currently got Conti PremiumContact2's, presumably the factory fitted ones as it's pretty low mileage.

Looking at tyrereviews.co.uk, the Falken ZE914 rates highly, with the Conti's not so good - particularly in the 'wear' department. Despite a much higher overall rating, the links to external Falken reviews point to much worse ratings, placing them 14th out of 15, 7th of 11, etc. Curiously, the Conti's all place 1st in the external reviews? 

What's the best tyre for the Fiesta these days? I don't see the benefit of paying £20 more per tyre just for the name, if something like the Falken is actually better? Any other suggestions welcome of course.

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On an 06 Fiesta I had some time ago I fitted Hankook tyres and they were brilliant.   I got an increase of 2 mpg almost immediately.   I shall be fitting two fron tyres to my 2013 Fiesta Eco in April and they will be Hankook Ventus Prime 3 K125.

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