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What to lookout for in mk7.5 2011 Fiesta 1.4?


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There is a used car I am interested in and its a 2011 Fiesta titanium mk7.5 1.4 petrol. It has some upgrades such as the sony stereo. I just wanted to know if there were any common problems with this model and things that I should look out for before making a decision. Also is it worth paying for an inspection from RAC/AA as my knowledge in cars is limited?

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To be honest I had a 2012 1.4 and there was nothing to look out for the car was a good car the only thing to look out for is the usual make sure all the windows ford marks match up check all panels of car for any signs of new paint check the boot under the spare for water. A quick look under the car for leaks. If u can take it up to 70 on test drive to make sure no vibrations. And that's it really. When looking at a used car I like to spend a good hour going over everything sometimes twice just to make sure. Best off to write a list out because it's easy to miss something.

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