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New Fiesta owner, some issues


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I am planning on buying a 13 plate Fiesta, but there are a few issues which I need to get resolved and hope that someone can provide some advice.


The car was advertised as a 1L ecoboost, but it actually is the 1L duratec without a turbo. No clue why, but it has the "econetic" badge on the back (before ecoboost branding). The dealer apparently did not notice this and they have adjusted the price because of it. Can Ford add the ecoboost turbo to this engine and how much would it cost approximately? I assume that it is the same, minus the turbo, but considering it is a £500 upgrade from new I expect the cost to be prohibitively expensive. Are there any recommended third party turbos which could be added to raise the BHP/PS to 100 and how much would they cost?


The car only comes with one key and MyKey is active. What is the cheapest and easiest way to get the second key and reset the original one to admin? I would prefer to avoid paying £200+ which my local dealership has quoted. I would be happy with a standard second key for emergencies, it does not have to be a remote type.


Inside there is a small black box which comes out of the dash from next to the steering wheel and sits in the small window by the wing mirror. It looks like there are some red lights in it. The dealer has no clue what it is, sadly I didn't take a photo. At first I thought it was a speed camera detector, but now I am not so sure, because it points upwards and not forwards. It might be an alarm or an IR blaster. This IR blaster looks similar: http://panam.gateway.com/s/accessor/8015589R/8015589R_MV2.jpg


Thanks for any help.

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Yeah walk away from it. It was mis advertised if it was being sold as an Ecoboost. The ecoboost engine is a 3 cylinder Turbo with lots of other tech to make it torquey and economical, it's not just a turbocharger bolted onto  a  duratec, so no you can't convert it to an ecoboost engine.


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Whilst you can do a turbo conversion, it would be the same as bolting a turbo onto another car. Thousands of pounds, custom manifold, injectors and an ECU remap and that's just the start. As yours will probably be a 4-cylinder, the map or any of the piping would not bolt straight onto your car. As others have said it would be far cheaper to just buy a 2014 ecoboost, not to mention more reliable. There is far more support for those, and you can even increase the BHP

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