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83 MPG update


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Re the MPG on my 2006 1.4 TDCi. I took the advice of some forum members and went and filled it up, it took 38 litres and using a formula I found on the net, (miles divided by litres times 4.54) so 552 divided by 38 x 4.54 came out to 83.5, almost exactly the same as what the dash computer said. Not bad eh?









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This reminds me when I watched a program fact or fiction years ago when a bloke bought a car and after a couple of days he noticed he was getting serious gas mileage, he was so pleased he couldn't stop talking about it, he couldn't believe his luck well anyway a few weeks later he noticed two men in black messing with his car so he shouted at them and started running towards the car and they closed the bonnet  and ran off,from that day he never got good gas mileage again, he never new what they did. Spooky 

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