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ST-2 Diesel intercooler


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Anyone had upgraded intercooler fitted?

If you have could tell me what the reduction in intake temperatures was, from standard to upgraded.

Local Ford dealer is a 'specialist' & they don't know.

Contacted Mountune & they couldn't tell me.

Many thanks


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Thanks for your input Mark.

Yes, there can be a definitive answer given a certain set of circumstances and from figures gained can be used to reach a conclusion as to the effectiveness of the replacement intercooler.

On previous cars where I have upgraded the inlet side of things a rolling road & an operator who knows how to use it is the starting point.

Test the car with standard intercooler, 3 runs are sufficient to gain an average intake temperature and to see just how much heat soak is generated across the 3 runs.

Fit replacement intercooler, carry out 3 runs & compare temperatures.

I agree that there are variables to consider, ambient temperature and pressure.

Also the reputation of the intercooler manufacturer needs to be considered, particularly if they can't be bothered to make public test figures they may have. That's assuming tests have been carried out of course.


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rather than use a dyno to get these figures, use a data logging app and OBD adapter, you can see the results you want from using the car on the road where you drive it most.

testing as you describe is just value for that test at that time.

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I agree it tests at that time, but if the required reduction in intake temperature is evident then it follows that there would be reductions throughout all operating scenarios, albeit not necessarily of the same value.

Don't want to seem too pedantic but I'm really old and remembering I got chewed out back at Rootes in Coventry when developing engines for Avenger Tiger & Hunter that a dynamometer was what the engine was mounted on in its own soundproof cell, and the rolling road was used after dyno work to see if any changes were needed to vehicle cooling stuff before we went out onto the road for real world testing. 

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Yes , I should have said rolling road, get used to people saying dyno instead, doesn't help that's one RR makers have dyno in their name, lol.

You could try asking ProAlloy if they know the expected temps and pressures, they make Mountune's intercooler S and pipework etc,

Some companies will use results from a test in their advertising (airtec, forge) I don't think Mountune want to be tied down by saying figures that are only obtained from a test in set conditions that may not be seen on a road or track.

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ProAlloy replied to my query.

Although they do manufacture for Mountune, they don't make the one I asked about.

Airtec are in the development stages at the moment but don't have a launch date yet.

I have used airtec so a known product, will wait & see what they come up with.

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