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Fiesta zetec s 125ps or black edition 140ps


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I'm getting a new ford today and just can't decide on what one to get there's a white zs that looks amazing in white with a contrasted black roof, mirrors and rims also comes with blacked out rear lights and the dual powerflow exhaust, or there's the zs black edition for the same price but it's standard and more powerful and cheaper to insure for me somehow 

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I'd either look at another 125 or get the Black Edition.  

I'd never buy a car that has mods on as the people who do so (like us) tend to drive a bit more spirited than your usual person, meaning the cars probably been driven hard everywhere. Things like the clutch, engine, tires and gearbox etc will most likely be worn out more and will have a shorter life expectancy.

Don't forget you can always do the mods yourself which is a lot more fun and constructive than buying a car with it already done.

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